Designing taylormade SHELFIE systems
and usage of the offline configurator

The most important virtue of the SHELFIE system, that its elements can be assembled freely in endless variations. There is only one limitation:

a four-node is not applicable.

The individual shelf plates should be selected so that the
design only consists of L- and T-junctions
(corners and three-nodes).

Can not be used:

Can be used:


Other useful information about the SHELFIE system


  • the lenght of the longest shelf plate is 210 cm, if you want to design a wider system then this, use another level-shifted plate as a centerpiece

  • the highest side element is 3 levels high (it means 99 cm), if you want to design a higher system then this, you have to change the width of the shelf (narrow or extend)

  • if you want a cabinet door, be aware of these rules: both side must be identical and the same height as the door itself (the wider vertical panel (1A, 2A or 3A) is a must)

  • cabinet doors are only available in 80 cm width, 2-door version (1, 2 or 3 levels high)

  • two pair of cabinet doors can not be set directly next to each other

  • at the end of the side panel (corners) the horizontal shelf always closes over the vertical one (external connection)

  • every horizontal shelf panel exists in three versions: external-external (e. g. „80”), internal-external (e. g. „B80”) or internal-internal (e. g. „B80B”), depending on the connection types


  • every wooden part of the SHELFIE system is made of solid scots pine (other materials only on special request)

  • the wood is a natural material and so has every plate a different pattern, over the time darkens and warps in humid environment

  • you can paint or varnish the plates before (or even after) assembling them, to fully meet your expectations regarding the look


  • the shelf plates have all the holes pre-drilled by the factory, the user only have to screw the plates together

  • all the necessary screws, an offset hexagon key wrench, a hexagon bit and screw set with wall plug and angle bar (for the wall mounting) is included in every SHELFIE system

  • the asymmetric horizontal shelves (65s, 130s and 195s) can be used for both right and left

  • the front sides of the shelves are given and can not be mounted in the other way round (the bores have a different place)

  • the shelf systems should be assembled buttom up vs. sub-unit by sub-unit (every pre-configured shelf system includes a detailed assembly instruction), for the taylormade SHELFIE systems we provide personalized assistance via email and hotline

Wall mounting:

  • all the ready built SHELFIE systems have to be mounted to the wall, with at least 1 screw dowel per meter (e. g. a 3 meters wide shelf needs at least 3 screw dowels), this provides protection against falling over

  • if you want to expose long shelves to high loads (e. g. fill the long middle shelves of the Cambridge or Oxford systems with heavy books), it worth to set the wall mounting to the middle of this shelf to pass the load of the shelf to the screw dowel)

  • the two sides of the corner shelves are not screwed (but if necessary can be glued) to each other (the both wall mounted sides are protecting themselves against falling over)

If you require further information, please call our hotline:

+36 (20) 925-3035

Download the offline configurator here:

PDF configurator / JPG configurator / XLS configurator


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